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About Us

Our Philosophy

We are committed to assisting and aiding in each Child’s individual growth and development through a well proved academic structure that was clubbed with both education and Fun. As we believe each child is unique, we work with very basic attention towards each child in building his social/Emotional, culture and language, values and making him/her capable of intuiting through his cognitive skills.

We always strive constantly to understand and meet the societal needs of the parents by maintaining a friendly formal relationship and work collectively to build the child’s future.

Our Mission

The Academy’s mission is to meet the development of both the physical and psychological needs of younger generation by providing the top-quality care and attention in a nurturing atmosphere that involves both Education and fun.

Teaching Staff

Our teaching and operations staff are chosen carefully as we believe that they plan an important role in child’s education and therefore, as a parent, you will find our staff well prepared to provide a balanced academic learning in which your child can feel safe and secure.

Academy Atmosphere

We believe that the environment we are in affects our moods, ability to form relationships, effectiveness in work or play and even our health. In addition, the early childhood environment has a very crucial role in children’s learning and development, therefore we are committed to having our enrolled children in a safe, healthy and echo friendly environment filled with greenery

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